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Ready mixed refers to concrete that is batched for delivery from a central plant instead of being mixed on the job site. Each batch of ready-mixed concrete is tailor-made according to the specifics of the contractor and is delivered to the contractor in a plastic condition, usually in the cylindrical trucks often known as "cement mixers."

General Questions

This will depend on the method of curing, type of mix used and weather conditions. However you should have between one and two hours in which to work the ready-mixed concrete.
Mixes vary greatly depending on application and ground conditions, please see our recommended use table or contact one of our sales advisers for more information.
It can be if it is not handled with proper care. Wet concrete can burn and cause dermatitis.
Fresh concrete or screed can cause serious burns to skin and eyes as well as skin disease and dermatitis. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Immediately wash off any fresh cementitious material from the skin and thoroughly washout any affected eye. If swallowed do not induce vomiting but seek medical advice.

Wear protective clothing (such as goggles, gloves, impervious boots, trousers and long sleeved clothing). Immediately remove any clothing or item saturated with cementitious material and wash thoroughly before reuse. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist or in the case of doubt.
Yes. Failing to tamp, compact or vibrate the wet ready-mixed concrete could leave air pockets which could seriously weaken the compressive strength and durability of the ready-mixed concrete. Also, this process ensures the ready-mixed concrete is at its most dense and, where reinforcing metal is used, ensures that the bond is at its best.
Yes. Extreme hot or cold weather could affect the ready-mixed concrete and it would be at your own risk. Concreting in cold weather should be carefully considered before starting. The most favourable conditions are between 10-20°C with low wind speeds. Proper curing can negate the impact of the weather. But in very extreme conditions ready-mixed concrete should not be laid.
TNA Readymix uses sophisticated plant and equipment, which enables it to produce quality concrete. The Company exercises strict control on the quality of all ingredients through rigorous testing, applies stringent controls on process parameters, meticulously monitors key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened state and applies the well known Cusum technique to quickly detect any changes in the properties of concrete. All these efforts result in providing uniform and assured quality of concrete to customers. In contrast, in a typical site-mixed concrete there is poor control on the quality of input materials, batching of ingredients and mixing of concrete, thus the resultant quality of concrete is poor, non-uniform and inconsistent.
Mechanized operations at TNA Readymix plants ensure that construction activities are speeded up. While the production output from a typical site-mixed concrete operation using 8/12 mixer is around 4-5 m3/hour, the output form a 60-m3/hour RMC plant is around 45 m3/hour. Thus there is nearly 10-fold increase in the output from TNA Readymix plant, which translates into direct savings to the customer!
Site-mixed concrete is an labour-intensive operation and managing lage labour force is a big hassle for the customer. With the use of TNA Reasymix the labour requirements are minimized considerably, thus benefiting customers. Further, as TNA Readymix looks after the entire QA & QC needs, the customer’s manpower requirement for QA & QC operations is minimized. This is a saving for the customers.
In site-mixed concrete job, wastage occurs in handling of all materials, including cement. The latter is generally of the order of about 2-3 kg per 50 kg bag of cement. All such wastages are considerably minimized at TNA Readymix facility.

Other Questions

Increased speed of construction coupled with reduction in labour cost and wastage results in considerable savings to customers. Further, the improved quality of concrete translates into enhanced long-term durability of concrete, thus minimizing the maintenance and repair costs. Overall, when one considers the life cycle costs, the use of TNA Readymix become cost-effective in the long run. The benefits directly accrue to the customers.
All plants of TNA Readymix pass the pollution control norms and are duly certified by the state pollution control authorities. As mentioned earlier, wastages are reduced drastically with the use of TNA Readymix. Further, TNA Readymix optimizes the mix proportions using the maximum possible potential from each material ingredient. All these improve the environmental performance of concrete produced by the Company. Finally, with the approval of customers/consultants, TNA Readymix uses a variety of supplementary cementitious materials like fly ash, blast-furnace slag, silica fume, etc. in concrete, thus conserving cement and helping in reduction in emissions of green house gases like CO2. Thus, concrete produced by TNA Readymix can certainly be considered to be eco-friendly.
Yes. However, you would appreciate that our responsibility for the quality of concrete (slump, density and compressive strength) will only be valid till we pour concrete in your vehicles.
Irrespective of the type of concrete being used, the curing process for concrete should commence immediately once the concrete surface looses its sheen, which is normally within 2 hours after finishing compaction of concrete. Else, it will lead to plastic shrinkage cracks.
When the 28-day strength is specified, we are responsible and would provide guarantee for the same. As far as 7-day strength is concerned, we can provide you only the indicative range of strengths. However, contractually speaking you would appreciate that we cannot provide guarantee for the 7-day strength. In case you specify early-age strength, (say strength at 3 or 7 days), we have the capability to satisfy your requirements; however our quotation for the early-age strength would usually be higher than that for the 28-day strength.

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