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Concrete is a composite consisting of the following main constituents: cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures.It is a material that can be cast into different shapes, is durable, is the most attractive construction material in terms of compressive strength (construction material with highest strength per unit cost), and its increasing use is fundamental for sustainable construction.

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Concrete By Design

TNA Readymix Concrete does not “simply manufacture concrete”, but develops solutions based on the thorough knowledge and application of concrete technology. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and state-of-the-art expertise about the different concrete constituents and their interaction, CEMEX offers its customers “concrete by design”—tailor designed concrete.

Types of Ready-Mix Concrete

  • Standard Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Architectural and Decorative Concrete
  • Rapid-setting Concrete
  • Fiber-reinforced Concrete
  • Fluid-fill Concrete
  • Roller-compacted Concrete
  • Self-consolidating Concrete (SCC)
  • Pervious Concrete
  • Antibacterial Concrete

TNA Readymix concrete technologists are able to modify the properties of concrete through the use of innovative chemical admixtures, combined with the proper proportions of the various concrete constituents. For example, depending on the type of application and jobsite requirements, we can design concrete that is more fluid, stronger, develops strength faster, and also retains workability longer.

Sustainable Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete

We continuously work to improve the properties of concrete that make it a key component of sustainable construction: durability, resistance to aggressive environments, light reflection, and capacity to store energy, among others.

readymix cement concrete
TNA Readymix Concrete Plant

We also constantly work to develop innovative solutions that advance the sustainability of structures made with concrete. In this way, our customers can design sustainable buildings that can take advantage of the benefits of concrete in a wide range of applications.

Structural Construction

readymix cement concrete
Structural Design
readymix cement concrete
Construction that Starts on September 2014

self-compacting concrete improves strength and durability of building structures, while reducing energy use and noise due to concrete vibration.structural lightweight concrete or Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) offer insulation solutions to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

Sustainable Construction

While the concept of “sustainable construction” is relatively new to the building industry, TNA Readymix Concrete is aggressively pursuing a leadership role in the development of products and building solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of construction projects while fostering social and economic growth.

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Rooftop View
TNA readymix cement company
Rooms Interior Designs
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Main Casino Hall

We help build the homes people live in, the roads that connect them, and the infrastructure that makes their cities vibrant. With over a century of experience delivering tailor-made building solutions, we work with our customers around the world to build sustainable structures that will thrive today and well into the future.

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